Photo by Oswaldo Martinez on Unsplash

Sliding into 6 months returning to normal life, all I was expected was normal life. What is the definition of a normal life? For each person, what is considered as normal will be different. Having 60-hour/week job in high rise buildings, coffee and lunch in between, weekend filled with barre and brunch, meeting dear friends and having comfortable chats with loved ones. Having lots of Indonesian food that I rarely had last year also belong to the expectation of normal life.

Looking at what we are going through right now, my heart breaks, I believe everybody’s hearts also break. We shift our way to new normal due to pandemic. We grieve, we face loss, we try to adapt. This is a difficult moment for everyone because we barely have clue about what is going to happen, just like 6 months a go I would never thought I could not slip into my normal life in following moments. Everyone’s frustrated and feeling lost. So what is considered normal during this hard time is to be kind..and compassionate because everyone is facing their own tiring battle, both literally or intrinsically.

The new normal is to be strong under changes, to believe there are good days ahead, to comfort friends who are in pain, to help and reach while you can, to be not selfish, to reach out for God’s sake because you will never know what happens next. And to forgive this circumstances while the crise still arise. The new normal is to find patience while listening to people’s cancelled plans. The new normal is to be kind to yourself, because sometimes you forget. The new normal is going within, and going within, because going outside is not possible. Because that’s the only place worth going right now.

during a COVID-19 outbreak, 2020.

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